The violin and the player's body 1

Through contact with the violin, the player finds that it has been completed, as if he had found a missing part of his body. Therefore, the violin player must reach the utmost levels of perfection when accompanying that instrument, and the violin is one of the most sensitive musical instruments due to the difficulty of dealing with it, just as the violin has a family. We will get to know them in upcoming articles, as the names and some characteristics differ, and the common factor remains that they are stringed musical instruments that range in size starting from (violin, then viola, then cello, then contrabass)

In this article, we will talk about the violin, so we wanted to search for the origin of the violin, and reach its beginnings among the Arabs and the West, and the importance of the violin in art and the relationship of the player with the audience

The violin was known among the Arabs in ancient times as the rababa, and this brings to our minds several things, including: that shepherd who plays his musical instrument in the desert to spread joy and happiness in the hearts of Samaritans.

  The number of rubab strings varies according to the country and culture, but in most cases their number is one, two, or three. The violin is also known to the Arabs as (the violin)

As for the West, we find that the name of the violin known today appeared in Italy, where the history of the violin dates back to the sixteenth century, and it was developed in Italy from older musical instruments such as the rebab. The first known violin maker was (Andrea Amati), and then the violin spread quickly throughout Europe it became one of the most important musical instruments in classical music

Likewise, the name of the violin instrument varies from one country to another depending on the geographical and cultural region, as we find that the most common name in Italy is (viola da), while in France (violone), in Germany (violin), in the United States: (violin), and this The difference is also due to the language and pronunciation in those countries

So .. the violin is a stringed instrument with four strings, and the violin is played by rubbing the strings with a bow or by tapping them with the fingers, and it also requires great care in the way of holding the bow and the box and placing it on the neck of the performer, and it can be used with the right and left hands

In addition, the violin is fully imposed on the musician so that the completion of all its aspects is reflected in front of the audience through the excellent hearing that makes it able to improvise and follow up the playing wonderful Otherwise, the player is something and the violin is a means of issuing different voices without connecting with those who carry them; So playing the violin is reflected in the soul and shows his hidden feelings, If the body is complete and the violin is part of the player, the audience realizes this, so they obtained what they want from pleasure and happiness This is what the art therapy calls, as the written voice in a high musical language penetrates into the depths of the listeners to address their concerns and sorrows, and it calls for happy moments and removes the sad moments

In conclusion, we want to confirm that the violin is one of the most beautiful and most enjoyable musical instruments, as it has a big role in the series and movies of all kinds, as it plays a role in increasing the linking of events to the viewer through their use in their various forms and may indicate fear, happiness or joy Or exclusion, thinking, or anger


Translated by: Shams Mhanna