The painting that penetrates the depths of your fear

The Scream (in Norwegian Skrik, meaning the scream) is the common name given to one of the most famous works of art by the Norwegian Expressionist artist Edvard Munch, which he painted in 1893. This painting represents a man whose face reflects feelings of terror, standing on a bridge, holding his head in his hands and uttering a scream against a background of wavy shapes and bright shades of red. Researchers identified the place where some of its features appeared in the painting, which is Oslo Bay, located in Oslo, southeastern Norway

This painting has gained overwhelming popularity, especially since the end of World War II. Because of its intense drama and the existential fear it embodies

In the front part of the painting we see a road and through this road we see a person raising his hands along his head while his eyes look terrified and his mouth screams, and in the background two people wearing hats appear moving away from the scene

On the back of his painting, Munch wrote the story of the scream, which he mentioned in his diary, describing what happened to him: (I was walking on the road with two friends of mine, and then the sun set, and I felt a touch of depression, and suddenly the sky became red, the color of blood, so I stopped and leaned on a fence next to the road, An indescribable exhaustion overcame me, then I looked at the flaming clouds hanging like blood and a sword above the cliff of the blue-black sea in the city. My two friends continued on their walk, but I stopped there, trembling with fear, then I heard a loud scream that began to echo endlessly in nature

The fame of the scream is due to its ease of understanding and clarity for everyone, especially those who do not have a special artistic culture. Once you see it, it is difficult to forget it. Critics considered the scream an icon of the modern era, just as the Mona Lisa was an icon of the Renaissance era. This expressive painting is considered a “modern embodiment of anxiety,” and it was sold when it was displayed. At auction in May 2012 for $119 million

Shams Mhanna