Piano the childhood friend (2)

One of the most beautiful episodes of the comic cartoon series and the most famous to this day (Tom and Jerry) is not lost in the memory of childhood, when the cat (Tom) stands in front of the audience to play the piano while the mouse (Jerry) hides inside the wooden box of the piano to cause him inconvenience. And those were the beginnings of our beautiful childhood by getting to know the piano. If the beginning of this article talks about the first childhood program (Tom and Jerry), then at its conclusion we will suggest to you the most beautiful movie about the story of the best piano player you will ever see

And because this machine accompanied us young and old, this prompts us to ask a set of questions, including

What is a piano

What are the types of piano

Who are the most famous pianists

How do we learn to play the piano

Can blind people play the piano

What's the point of playing the piano

The piano

The piano is a stringed musical instrument that is played using the keyboard, in which the strings are struck by hammers, and the piano consists of a group of different parts, including the keyboard, hammers, strings, dampers, bridge, and soundboard, and the sound is produced in it through the keys that hit the metal strings. The use of the piano dates back to the seventeenth century, and it was invented by the Italian (Bartolomeo Cristofori) around 1700 AD

Types of piano

There are several types of piano, including

  1. Standing piano (piano): It is the most common type, and is distinguished by its large size and vertical shape
  2. The grand piano: It is the largest and most expensive type, and is distinguished by its strong and deep sound
  3. Electronic (electric) piano: It is the type that uses modern technologies to produce sound, and can be connected to a computer or other devices

These genres differ in terms of size, shape, and techniques used in sound production, and are used in various musical styles, solo performances, composition, songwriting, and rehearsal

Famous pianists

Many talented and internationally known artists can be mentioned, among them (Beethoven, Chopin, Bartok, Albéniz, Mozart). These players made great contributions to the world of music and presented exceptional works on the piano, where each player is distinguished by his unique style and perfect technique in playing the piano

  It is worth noting that there are a number of talented Arab musicians who play the piano and enjoy wide fame in the Arab world, among them (Ziyad Rahbani, Marwan Khoury, Amr Selim)

These Arab musicians are distinguished by their unique style and perfect technique in playing the piano, and they presented wonderful works of art on this musical instrument

In the next article, we will learn about playing the piano and how the blind can play it

What is the point of playing it


Shams Mhanna