The piano (2) Childhood friend

In the previous article, we talked about Piano types and the most famous pianists. In this article, we continue to talk about this instrument.

How do we learn to play the piano

Playing piano can be learned by many different resources and ways, like online lessons, applications, and free and paid courses. Here are some tips to play the piano

1- Learn the basics: like notation, rhythm, clef, and chord.

2- Reading musical notations: Learning how to read musical sheets is important

3- Finger training: fingers should be trained and practiced coherently

4- Practice: You should practice playing the piano regularly to improve your skills

5- Listen to music: You should listen to music and analyze it to improve your understanding

6- Using applications and other resources: You can learn to play music by using applications and other resources, like Piano Academy by Yokee Music application

7- Attending piano lessons: You can attend piano lessons in music schools or special pianists

8- Patience and perseverance: You have to be patient and persistent to improve your piano playing skills

In general, continual practice and training play an important role in improving your playing skills


Blind people and piano playing

Blind people can play the piano using other senses like touch and hearing. They can use other techniques like etching on instruments, or using colors and different shapes to identify keys. Voice and records can be also used to facilitate the process of learning, and there are many teaching resources to teach playing piano to the blind like the imagination technique that uses touch and voice to teach the blind music.

It is worth mentioning that the Arabic pianist "Amro Salim" was blind, although, he was one of the finest pianists


Benefits of piano playing

According to several references, playing the piano has many physical and psychological benefits, which are

  • Strengthen the ingenuity and connection between eyes and hands
  • Reduce heart rate and respiratory
  • Reduce tension, anxiety, and depression
  • Improving concentration, discipline, and patience
  • Strengthening muscles

In conclusion, we recommend watching "The Legend of 1900" film, which was in 1998. The film talks about a talented pianist called "1900", who was born on a ship and learned to play piano. He spent all his life on the ship and played piano for the passengers and ship's crew, and he met many impressive people during his trip. The film was directed by Giuseppe Tornatore and stars Tim Roth, Mélanie Thierry, and Bruce Greenwood


Translated by: jafar shaban