Art therapy

The arts have developed since the beginning of their formation until they have become closely linked to mental health and therapeutic methods, and what has proven most effective is therapy through writing and drawing

Writing therapy is not just words on paper as much as it is freedom for all repressed feelings. It is more like the voice of the soul when we are unable to form words or pronounce them. Writing has also become part of most psychotherapy programs in cognitive-behavioral therapy because of its great benefits for the client, as it brings him closer to himself and makes him more united with it, and also gives him a higher degree of awareness, maturity, and reconciliation with himself and with others

As for treatment with drawing, it is a mirror of the conflicts that the soul witnessed, which were engraved in the soul and sealed in memory

One of the benefits of using this technique in psychotherapy is that it gives the client an expanded vision of the future, in addition to giving him enough space to express past traumas without the effort of searching for sufficient sentences to describe. It also enhances emotional intelligence, stimulates the brain, and improves communication with oneself and with others

In addition to psychotherapy through music, either by listening, playing or singing, or psychodrama, which is one of the methods of art therapy, as it helps the client to release his energy and negative feelings through acting and confronting the situations he has previously experienced or the situations he will have in the future


Translated by:

Shams Mhanna