The most important information about guitar

The oud was associated with Arabic originality; So mentioning the oud indicated the Arab heritage, On the other hand, we find a musical instrument that reflects and is linked to Western culture, It is the guitar, This machine indicates the vitality it derives from young people, and it also has a full history itself.

:In this article, we want to answer a set of questions, including

?What is the origin of guitar

?What is the difference between oud and guitar

?What is the secret of the relationship between guitar and youth

?How do we learn to play guitar

?What is the secret of the relationship between guitar and psychotherapy

?Among the most famous guitar players

:A glimpse of the origin of the guitar

The assets of the guitar go back to the ancient civilizations, and can be returned to ancient Egypt, where the researchers indicated that the Egyptian "Harpsikord" is the early version of the guitar made of wood, The classic guitar has witnessed a great development throughout the ages, and the origins of classic guitar dates back to the sixteenth century, where he was known for the first time as "Vioila", and the guitar was affected by the great technical development movement that the world witnessed in the last century, and it had its own imprint in various common musical patterns in That time and its amazing effect is still present to the present time

:The difference between oud and guitar

The guitar and oud are two musical and two music, and they have some similarities and differences. Among them are the main differences between them

The shape of the box: The shape of the box varies between guitar and oud, where the guitar box is flat and the oud box is rounded

The number of strings: The number of strings varies between guitar and oud, as guitar usually contains 6 strings, while the oud usually contains 11 strings

Type of tendons: The types of tendons used in guitar and oud also vary, as the guitar uses metal or nylon strings, while the oud uses strings of silk or nylon

Voice: The sound of guitar and oud differs, as the sound of the oud is more severe and serenity, while the voicing of guitar is more prevalent and used in modern music

:The secret of the relationship between guitar and youth

Guitar is a common musical instrument among young people, and you can learn to play it easily using different applications and educational videos available online. Young people can also enjoy watching videos that explain the difference between guitar and oud, which includes a wonderful musical performance. Young people can use guitar in various types of music such as classic music, rock, blossom and pop. Guitar can be a way to express self, feelings and ideas, and young people can enjoy learning to play it and express themselves through them

:Play guitar

:The guitar can be learned through the following steps

 Learn the basics of guitar: Beginners must learn the basics of guitar such as defining the strings and fingers used in playing.

 Learning the Kurds: Beginners must learn the basic Kurds that include the main and subsidiary Kordes.

 Learn critical points: Beginners must learn critical points on the guitar, which includes critical points on the neck and fingers in the guitar

 Training on playing: Beginners must training on regularly and focus on improving basic technologies

 Listen and practice: Beginners must listen to music and practice regularly to improve their skills in playing

Various learning sources such as books, videos and different applications can be used to learn to play guitar

:The secret of the relationship between guitar and psychotherapy

Guitar can be used as a tool for psychotherapy, as psychotherapy in music depends on several techniques, such as listening to music, thinking about it, in order to improve a person's health and welfare. The therapeutic sessions are supervised by a specialist in music therapy, holding individual sessions or groups, this treatment method can be harnessed in cooperation with other types of psychotherapy or with other medications

Getting on guitar can improve the mood of a person and reduce the effects of stress and anxiety, as it helps to stimulate the muscles of the body and stimulate memory and develop creative skills, the guitar can reduce the psychological pressure that occurs in contemporary life where the individual lacks the time to relax and calm, and for this the playing He can provide a person with a field in which he can express himself and try a feeling of comfort and tranquility

A person can enjoy learning to play guitar using various applications and educational videos available on the Internet, guitar can be a way to express self, feelings and ideas, and a person can enjoy learning to play them and express themselves through them

Therefore, it can be said that guitar can be an effective way to psychotherapy and improve a person's mental and emotional health

:The most famous guitar musicians

:There are many famous players on the guitar, including

Jimmy Hindrix, Eric Kalpeon, Brian May, David Glimore, Carlos Santana, Peter Frampton

Through what has been mentioned, we want to confirm that guitar is a multi -sided machine and has a great impact on the lovers of music. It is a great way to improve motor and mental skills, self -expression and relaxation