Taher Mamilli, the musical maestro (Magician of Music)

the creative conductor and distinguished musician who lives every moment with all his emotions and feelings. Who among us hasn't shed a tear upon hearing the music of the series (Palestinian Diaspora), or felt a shiver down their spine upon listening to (Great Dreams) and the music of the series (The Four Seasons) and (Spot of Light) and many more. Taher Mamilli played and composed memories for us in an unparalleled way.

Let's get to know a little about this unique musician: He is a composer and a soundtrack musician, born in Aleppo, Syria on May 20, 1966. He studied music at the Arab Institute in Aleppo, specializing in playing the violin. He continued his music studies at the Arab Institute until completing high school. He furthered his music education in London and upon returning to Syria, continued his studies at the Higher Institute of Music in Damascus.

He composed the soundtrack for dramatic works in 1995, collaborating with director Haitham Haqi on the series "Thuraya," followed by works like "Khan al-Harir," "Sirat Al Jalali," and others. His first artistic collaboration with director Hatem Ali was in the series "The Four Seasons," and his first collaboration with director Leth Hijjo was in the series "Spot of Light." He received the (Adonia) Award for his overall work in 2005, as well as the award for Best Music for the series "Zahrat al-Narjes" and the Best Soundtrack Music award at the Cairo International Festival for the soundtrack of the series "The Whirlpool." He has composed soundtracks and theme songs for nearly a hundred series, including: "Spot of Light," "Summer Cloud," "Tears of Blood," "Khan al-Harir," "Curse of the Clay," "Great Dreams," "The Crafty Nazir Will Return Shortly," "Naked Souls," and many more