Muna Wassef, Who Like Her, the Oak of Damascus

Muna Wassef was born in 1942 and she has started her art journey as a role model, then she joined the ''Military Theatre'' and performed her first play show: Al Etr Al Akhdar which was followed by a lot of theatre works.

She started her television career by a television work entitled ''The Birth of A Shadow'' (Melad Zel), and she has joined the Syrian Artists Association in 1/3/1968.

Since her art is inexhaustible, she has performed many works in Egyptian, Lebanese and Syrian cinema. Also, she has performed one of the most famous roles in cinema which is Hind Bent Otba in ''Al Ressala'' film, (The Message).

The most famous of her works are:

Asad Al Waraq, Hard Tears, The End of a Brave Man, Hekayat Shahrazad Al Akhera, Narrow Paths, Qa'a El Madinah, Zaman Al'ar, Wiladah Min Al Khasira, Qalam Humra, Ghadan Naltaqy, Al Hayba (four parts) and many others. She has participated in about 180 works.

In addition to her magnificent art, she has a leading character with a wonderful presence. So, she was given the positions:

 '' Union of writers' Vice President''

''The Vice of Syrian Artists' Head'' from 1991 to 1995 and she did her job perfectly.

After that, she was chosen to be a United Nations Goodwill Ambassador from 2002 to 2004.

She is distinguished in all her roles especially the role of ''mother'' which take the big part of our hearts. Not only she makes us see her motherhood sense, but also, she makes us feel it.

She has a lot of awards such as:

The Syrian Order of Civil Merit-Excellent Degree in 2009.

Ghassan Al Kanafani Medallion.

''Women's Union Award'' for her role in film: '' Something is burning''.

She was called: (the Oak of Damascus)