Mental Health and Art for Children "Art nourishes their souls"

Self-awareness and self-confidence: In our modern, many children suffer from mental and psychological problems. And this is because of different factors like social, academic, and family pressure. Fortunately, Art is an effective way to enhance children's psychological and emotional health. 

Enhancing children's mental health is a vital matter. They are the foundation of society which is why we have to offer them the appropriate environment to deal with the outside world, learn communication skills, and express themselves correctly. We can achieve this goal and improve their mental and emotional health by encouraging them to art-making, and therefore, we improve the quality of their life.

In this article, we will talk about art as a crucial means to enhance self–awareness, and self-confidence, as well as recognizing different types of arts that help to enhance mental health. 

The Art as a Means to enhance self-awareness:

Children's self-awareness is an important basis to improve their personality and enhance their psychological and emotional health. Art has a vital role in enhancing children's self-awareness, as it helps them express their feelings, thoughts, and inner experiences freely and creatively, and it gives them the chance to discover their innovative potential. Through art, children can determine their thought patterns and recognize what makes them different from others, improve their self-awareness, and understand themselves deeply. 

Interestingly, Art can help children develop critical thinking and analysis skills, where it needs to analyze and understand lines, colors, and details. And this will positively affect children's critical thinking skills. 

Enhancing children's self-awareness through art is a valuable investment in their future, as these acquired skills allow them to deal with the outside world better and achieve great success, both personally and professionally.  

  • Art as an effective way to enhance children's self-confidence:   

Art is an efficient means to enhance children's self-confidence, as it gives them the chance to express their thoughts and emotions creatively and pleasantly. Through art, children can try out new things and achieve success in new skills, improve their self-confidence and potential, help them to positively deal with tough situations and challenges, and enhance their mental and emotional health. 

  • Some tips that explain the importance of art in enhancing children's self-confidence:


  • A way of self-expression and emotions.
  • Allow trying out new things and achieving success in new skills. 
  • Let children learn from their own experiences and mistakes.
  • Help children to set their goals and achieve them. 
  • Deal with criticism and challenges positively.
  • Enhancement of communication and cooperation skills. 


  • Various types of arts that help improve self-awareness and self-confidence:


  1. Coloration and drawing: drawing and coloration can help children express their thoughts and emotions creatively, as they feel comfortable when they freely express what is in their minds. 
  2. Sculpture and shaping: use of clay and other sculpture tools contributes to enhancing children's self-confidence when they create new things from scratch, which gives them a sense of achievement and fulfillment.
  3. Dancing and movement: Movement and dancing to music can help children express their feelings, release negative energy, affect their mood, and feel pleasure and positivity. 
  4. Writing: children can understand themselves better and improve self-awareness and self-confidence by writing down their thoughts, feeling, and fairytales in their diaries.
  5. Electronic Arts: children can use technology to create artwork, which can improve critical thinking and creative skills, and enhance self-confidence. 
  6. Handcraft: Children can produce new ideas using different materials like cloth, paper, wood, and threads, which gives them the feeling of achievement and self-confidence.  

Hence, Art is an effective way to enhance mental health, self-awareness, and self-confidence, and it can be used in different ways to achieve goals.

Thus, we have to take advantage of art and encourage children to practice art in their daily lives, whether it is a hobby or psychotherapy. Art enhances mental health and helps individuals express themselves freely and creatively, as well as helps them improve self-awareness and potential, which makes it a powerful tool to improve individuals' mental and emotional health