Tom Hanks

"Everyone has something to disturb, and for me, this thing was always the feeling of lonely. The cinema is aware of the ability to make you not feel lonely when you are alone."

Someone who says this phrase is one of the most famous films and known globally.

On July 9, the actor and movie maker Tom Hanks.

- He started his artistic career in the eighties and is now considered one of the exceptional actors loved by the audience.

- He has the ability to embody the characters and bring them to life in a manner that dazzles everyone who watches them, attracting viewers and raising them with different feelings of laughter, crying and contemplating at the same time, and he has a reputation that he is the most kind man in Hollywood because of his beloved personality and his gentle dealing with his colleagues.

- His start was at the Great Shakespeare Lakes Festival, then he starred in the Boom buddies series.

- The first big and successful appearance of Hanks was in the 1984 movie Splash.

His films were nominated for more than 53 awards, with 15 of them.

- He is the second actor to receive the Oscarnamin award, respectively, for the best actor, in addition to the Emmy Award and the Four Golden Globe Awards.

The fourth in America is considered one of the highest -income actors.

- He was not satisfied with acting, He entered the directing world and was his first experience with the movie The Thing that You Do, then the series from the Earth to the Moon, the Emmy Prize winner.

- Did you know that when he was a child, he wanted to become an astronaut and the Douglas Suro Award for Public Awareness from the Space Corporation in 2006, which is granted to civilians who contribute to public awareness of space programs due to the Apollo 13 movie about a real incident, where an American spacecraft was sent In the year 1970, a survey task for landing on the surface of the moon.

- Apollo 13 won nine Oscars' nominations and won two awards.

- Did you know that Tom is the youngest winner of the Life Achievement Award at the age of 46 in 2002 and is an award to honor the individual whose work contributed to enriching American Culture.

- Did you know that he was granted the highest civilian honor by the 1999 US Navy for the accuracy of his embodiment of life in the navy and the courage of soldiers in the movie "Rescue Soldier Ryan".