Hatim Ali (The Icon)

is a versatile artist whose talent cannot be described by a single descriptor. He was a proficient director, writer, and actor. He was born on June 2, 1962, and passed away on December 31, 2020. He has contributed numerous works to Syrian drama that are too many to count, becoming an integral part of our memories. When we feel the warmth of family, we remember the series "Al-Fusul Al-Arba'a" (The Four Seasons), which had the most beautiful touches. He managed to break the barrier of the screen between us and the characters, their homes, creating a genuine connection.


He also shed light on the Palestinian cause through his series "Al-Taghriba Al-Filastiniya" (The Palestinian Diaspora), which he directed and acted in. He portrayed the smallest details and the larger issues, managing to tap into the emotions and sentiments of every Arab household, rejuvenating their revolution. He left a significant mark in historical dramas, most notably the series "Al-Zeer Salem" (Salem the Dwarf), which marked a turning point in Hatim Ali's career. The series "Omar" achieved the highest viewership during Ramadan in 2012, in addition to the series "Salah Al-Din" (Saladin). He also showcased his exceptional directorial skills in his project "The Andalusian Trilogy," consisting of "Saqr Quraish," "Rabee' Qurtuba," and "Muluk Al-Tawa'if" to complete the trilogy.


Among his notable works in television directing are "Al-Taghriba Al-Filastiniya" (The Palestinian Diaspora), "Al-Fusul Al-Arba'a" (The Four Seasons), "Al-Ghufran" (Forgiveness), "Ahlam Kubira" (Big Dreams), "Asi Al-Dam'" (Blood Binds), "Al-Zeer Salem" (Salem the Dwarf), "Omar," and "Qalam Humra" (Red Pen). It is worth mentioning that his first directorial experience was in 1995 with the series "Fares Fi Al-Madina" (A Knight in the City). In terms of screenplay writing, he authored a TV film titled "Al-Hisan" (The Horse) and directed it himself. He also co-wrote the film "Akhir Al-Layl" (The Last Night) with writer Abdel Majid Haydar, as well as the film "Za'ir Al-Layl" (Night Visitor), directed by Mohammed Badrkhan. He had a series he wrote titled "Al-Qalaa" (The Castles).

In terms of acting, he made his first appearance in 1989 in the series "Al-Kabous" (The Nightmare). He acted and directed in "Al-Taghriba Al-Filastiniya" (The Palestinian Diaspora), "Asi Al-Dam'" (Blood Binds), "Al-Azab" (The Bachelors), "Taht Al-Hizam" (Under the Belt), and portrayed multiple characters in "Maraaya 98" and "Maraaya 99." He didn't stop there and left his mark in theater as well, directing three plays and co-writing three others in collaboration with theater director Zinati Qadisiya, including "Al-Hisar" (The Siege). He also wrote the play "Hikayat Mus'ad" (The Tale of Mus'ad), directed by Zinati Qadisiya. The list goes on when it comes to Hatim Ali's creativity because his artistry knows no bounds, and his memory lives on in all of our hearts.