From the Miracle Boy to the Sultan of Music " GeorgeWassouf"

On the 23rd of Dec, 1961, Tartous City witnessed the birth of one of the most popular singers. His fame was not only confined to the Arab World, but also it transcended to Europe and USA as the best Arab singer, GeorgeWassouf – Sultan El-tarab Arabic for the Sultan of Music. 

George Wassouf started his career at the age of 14 where he sings on school stages, weddings, and cafes. He gained great popularity in Syria by singing folk songs. He received dozens of offers to perform parties. And he was called the "Miracle Boy" for his ability to sing top singers' songs, like Abdulhalim Hafez, Om Kulthoum, and Wadee Alsafi. His fame spread beyond Syrian borders, and became a famous figure in Lebanon and he moved to Lebanon under the patronage of the Lebanese journalist, George Yazbek.

In 1980 when he was 16 years old, George Wassouf appeared in the "Art Studio" show in Beirut. 

He released his first song - El-hawa Sultan and was called "Sultan El-tarab Arabic for the Sultan of Music" by the famous actor Omar Alsharif after hearing the song, and this title accompanied him throughout his entire life. His artistic path officially started after appearing in the "Art Studio" show, and he released many songs, like "Rouhe Ya Nesma", " Helf Alqmar", " Law Newet", Daket Ala Alabwab". He released his songs in cooperation with many top composers like Sayed Mekawi and Baleg Hamdi. He rose to fame as one of the Arab stars of his period and sat on the throne of Arab music. His fame has expanded through the Arab World after participating in many important Arab festivals, like the Carthage Festival in Tunisia, Jarash Festival in Jordan. He performed many concerts, outside the Arab World, in Europe, Canada, and Australia.

He has a huge number of Albums and Songs whose number is about 200 songs.

Albums: Ouwedni 1983, Elhawa Sultan 1984, Esmaeni Fei Kelma 1990, Rouh Elrouh 1992, Shie Ghareb 1993, Kalam Elnas 1994, Leil Elashken 1995, Lesa Eldonia Bkher 1998, Tabeb Jarah 1999, Dol Mesh Hbaib 2000, Zamn Elajaib 2001, Enta Gherhm 2002, Salaf Wa Den 2003, Etakhrt Kter 2004, Ghadr Elnas 2006, Hai Elayam 2006, Mawawel 2009, Eshtknalak 2015. 

Most Popular songs: Sehrt Eleil, Elhob Alawlani, Elhawa Sultan, Ana Asef, Dol Msh Habaib, Tabeb Jarah, Kalam Elnas, Kalb Alashek Dalelo, Lesa Aldunia Bkher, Asaab Forak, Saber We Rade, Keda Kfaya, Asaab Forak, Saber We Rade, Keda Kfaya, Byhsdoni, Yom Alwadaa, Helf Alkamar.  

In 2011, George Wassouf suffered a stroke that causes him hemiplegia. Hence, he has been absent from the artistic community for 3 years receiving treatment in hospitals. He reappeared in 2014, and he said: " I am here today to tell my audience that I am still able to sing".