The Great Musician, composer and songwriter " Eyad Al-Remawi "

Eyad was born in 1973, growing up in the Syrian capital Damascus Eyad studied Mechanical Engineering at Damascus University.

His father is the poet Mohammad Al-Remawi, he started composing his original songs and melodies, during his college years he started a lot of music bands with various musical styles like folk music, pop, rock and eastern music.

One of these bands was called (all together) which released its first album "Noah Ship", Followed with the other bands…..

In 2001, Al-Remawi established his own recording studio where he composed and produced the soundtrack for many Syrian and Arabian TV series.

In 2012 He signed a contract with Sony Music Middle East Recording Company as the first Arabian artist, in the same year he released his first album which was named "Stories From Damascus", it is about a collection of selected songs, the album took the second place in Virgin Megastore Middle East.

In 2016, Al-Remawi released his second album (Silence in Syria), which took the first place in Virgin Megastore Middle East for 3 Months.

In 2018, he released his Third album (Damascus Now), which was produced during the crisis in Syria reflecting the effects of the war in its music.

His journey outside Syria started in 2004 with his band (all together), with his participation in the Music Friendship Tour in Prince George's County, Maryland in the USA.

On the other hand, he has many famous soundtracks like: Mirrors 2006, Forgiveness 2011, If 2014, Pack Your Bags 20014, Windows 2018, Safe Distance 2019, Silk Market 2020 and all of them were a success.

Eyad Al-Remawi Held a lot of concerts in Syria and the Arabian Nation like:

  1. Opera House Concert in Damascus, Syria, 2015
  2. Syria tour in Damascus, Aleppo and Lattakia, 2017
  3. Love Letters From Damascus, Dubai, UAE,2018
  4. Love Letters From Damascus, Dubai (Opera House), February 2021

He previously got on the Big Stage in the USA more than once as one of the founding musicians of the Syrian Band (all together).