Composition 8 Picture

Composition 8 picture is considered the first and the most important one of the innovations of the Russian artist: Wassily Kandinsky. The work on the picture was finished by 1923 and it is one of the Abstraction School.

What distinguish the Abstract Art is going away from being similar to visuals and nature as it is in reality. It gives way to the observer to add his/her own personality on the picture by his/her own and personal explanation. Thus, any picture will have a unique explanation according to each one's look through which the observers express themselves and their feelings in the picture.

The Abstract Art breaks down the power of natural limits, abbreviates things and simplifies them in order to explain only the essence by using triangles, squares and circles since the circle is a shorthand of the sun, the apple and the ball etc.

The owner of this picture: Wassily Kandinsky is considered the founder of the abstract art. In his pictures, he tried to abbreviate reality and draw feelings with things around him through colored spots. However, his artistic ambition leads him farther. Thus, he wanted to recall voice by the sense of sight and then find an artistic equivalent to a symphony which doesn’t only attract the eye, but also it attracts the ear.

Kandinsky believed that the universe is under the effect of vibrations coming out of supernatural powers, halos of light and energy and some forms of ideas. These are the same opinions of some mysterious and semi religious movements such as Theosophical movement which performs ceremonies of philosophic and spiritual meditation. So, we can see some halos and some expressive shapes that express the vibrations in an attempt to express motion and voice.

In this kind of pictures, the artist conveys his/her sense to the observer in a form of shapes, lines and colored spots. Also, the artist tries to give the observer an opportunity to contribute in the picture and explain it according to his/her feelings. In the Abstract Art, it isn’t necessary to get the meaning that the artist wanted, but it is difficult to get this meaning. So, each person will express a different explanation of the picture. Nevertheless, each time you look at the picture, you get a different meaning and this is what distinguish the Abstract Art.