The Starry Night''

''The Starry Night'' is a wonderful art picture by the famous Dutch artist Vincent Van Gogh in 1889 and it is considered one of the most famous artworks in history. The picture depicts a sight of a small village in the south of France at night, when the sky seems with its bright, bold colors and sparkling stars, in addition to the buildings which were designed in a unique way that makes the observer feels like he/she is watching a dream.

''The Starry Night'' is considered one of the most famous artworks in history, and it is distinguished by its unique style and its bright color which reflects vividness and beauty. In the picture, the drawing style is distinguished by abstraction, free lines and bold colors. Also, the picture reflects impressionism art which was common in the 19th century.

In the middle of the picture, Van Gogh painted an imaginary village based on his memories about the place where he was brought up, giving particular attention to the drawing of the church since there were no churches in France at that time. Also, he depicted the sky that was shining at night in order to convey the idea that it wasn't a dark night.

Van Gogh's choice of colors was a genius one, since he used all the colors in order to express the feelings that are related particularly to this picture. He chose the dark blue with green glimpses, exactly the same color as mint, in order to show the moon reflection. Also, he used white and yellow to create a spiral effect in order to attract attention to the sky. Moreover, he used yellow, orange and green to reflect the buildings with a little of red in order to show the church.

There are a lot of ideas about ''The Starry Night'' picture, some people think that Van Gogh had painted it to express his inner disorder depending on the cypress tree that was there in the introduction, which symbolizes death. However, the whirlpools symbolize Van Gogh's look to the universe and the winds.

''The Starry Night'' reflects a lot of meanings and messages, it also express freedom, renovation and openness to the world and nature. This picture is considered one of the wonderful artworks which makes people feel inspiration and love to art and to nature. It also invites people to enjoy the beauty of nature, and to meditate on the beauty of the color, the shape, and the life.

Let's remember that impressionism art which characterized Vincent Van Gogh in his famous picture ''The Starry Night'' reflects an important message about the effect which nature could have on art. This kind of art is characterized by focusing on colors, light and motion. Artists here use sensory techniques in order to depict the sight in a way that reflects the artistic impression of the spectators when they look at such a picture.