Art Waters their Souls (2): '' Art and Mental Health of Children''


The Positive senses and the creative skills:

Art is the language of soul and feelings and it is considered an effective mean to express one's self. In a world full of challenges and problems, art can be a safe sanctuary for children to express their ideas and feelings in a positive way. Instead of dealing with psychological pressure in a negative way, art can help children to overcome challenges in a positive and active way. Also, art has a strange ability of improving mental health and enhancing the emotional state, and this can be applied particularly with children. 

In this article, we are going to talk about the importance of art as a mean of enhancing the positive senses and developing the creative skills, which can support mental health of children.

Art as a Mean of Enhancing the Positive Senses:

The positive senses refer to the positive look which the individual has towards life, himself/herself and others. They also enhance self-confidence, optimism and positive interaction with others. Also, art can help in encouraging the positive senses of children since it tries to build up their social and intellectual skills and teach them how to deal with feelings and emotions in a useful and positive way. Consequently, art can enhance children's mental health and improve the level of their happiness and general welfare. Moreover, art can be a source of enjoyment and entertainment for children.

The promotion of children's positive senses can be achieved by art during:

Encouraging children to design art projects which give happiness and positivity like for example making bright and shiny colors or drawing shiny and happy views.

 Teaching children how to use art in expressing their feelings like for example drawing a picture of their sad, happy or angry feelings and discussing with them how to deal with such feelings correctly.

Encouraging children to compose stories and paintings that talk about their dreams, ambitions, and future aspirations. This can enhance self-confidence, optimism and positivity.

Giving children the chance to try different forms of art such as making simple musical instruments or drawing by their fingers or using natural materials to create inspiring art works.

Encouraging children to work in teams during creating big artistic projects which can promote the positive interaction among children and help to build up their collaborative and social skills.

Organizing exhibitions of creative arts which were created by children. This can help them to show their skills, share their skills with others and promote self-confidence and positive interaction with others.

The Role of Art in Developing the Creative Skills:

The creative skills are considered one of the basic qualities of human being and they help him/her to think out of the box and to find new and innovative solutions to the problems. Also, art is considered one of the effective means which help to build up the creative skills for children.

Art can help in developing the creative skills for children in many ways, for example, art can help in building up the creative skills that are related to visualization and imagination by supporting children to use imagination and creation in producing different artworks such as drawing, sculpting and designing.

Also, art can help in improving the creative skills which are related to critical thinking, so children can learn how to evaluate and analyze ideas and art productions and how to develop and improve them in a creative way.

In addition, art can help in improving the creative skills which are related to communication and collaboration. Thus, children can learn how to deal with others in producing artworks, and how to communicate and collaborate in an effective way in order to achieve the joint purpose. Consequently, art helps children in developing their creative skills in an interesting way and it can be used as a teaching tool at schools and houses.

What Are the Tasks That Children Do in Order to Build up Their Creative Skills?

Children can do many different artworks in order to develop their creative skills. The most important of them are:

1-Drawing and Coloring:

Children can draw and color different views and pictures using different colors and tools in order to express their ideas and creations.


Children can use different tools such as mud and clay in order to make different shapes and patterns and show their unique creations.

3-Design Costumes and Jewelry:

Children can design and make different jewelry and costumes using the available materials and applying their creation ideas.

4-Studio Art:

Children can use different materials such as paper, plastic and minerals in order to create various artworks like for example distinguished paintings.

Thus, we can see that art is an effective mean for improving children's mental health. When children deal with art, they can feel satisfaction and happiness and this can have a positive effect on their mental health. By using colors, shapes and music; art can reinforce children's positive senses and help them to express their feelings in a beautiful and creative way.

In addition, art can help children in developing their own creative skills such as positive thinking, teamwork and solving problems. Also, being interested in art can help children to improve their linguistic and communicative abilities which can affect positively on their social and school life.


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